CASM is an offline content management tool. Ideal for creating and maintaining dynamic or static WEB / WAP / XML sites.

CASM enables you to separate the content from display properties, therefore eliminating unwanted redundancy of the site source. This reduces time and effort needed to the site building and maintenance.

29/11/2003 - New pages
You can find two new pages on this site. The powered by page shows what CASM is used for. The screenshots page is... well... a screenshots page.

28/11/2003 - 0.3.1 is here!
This version was born before the next feature storm. News: predefined CAL variables, and character substitution. Doc update. Selfcompilation check for hacker support. Download it now!

16/11/2003 - Features coming
New release will coming soon! It will contain external program execution from CAL, configurable CAL syntax, and advanced looping. Additional feature requests are welcome!

13/11/2003 - CASM in Windows
Adam Sparks reported that CASM runs in Windows XP under the most recent version of Cygwin. Can be used with Dreamweaver. Thank's Adam!





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CASM by Laszlo Gerencser